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Sunday 3 November 2013

EVENT REPORT: Beauty Class Bless @Palembang

Me and Dea
       Me and my friend followed the beauty class held by Bless Cosmetic on Nov, 2, 2013 (Saturday). Location held in Bukit Golf Restaurant. Each participants of beauty class bless paid Rp. 75.000,-. *It's very cheap for joined!

Bless take care of hygiene of products. Sponge and brush are new! So, I do not feel bad for applicators and tools of cosmetics. 

Me and beauty blogger firend. Her name Mutiara Tanjung. But, i call her Tiara.

Me with friends. Nice to meet u^^

Participants of beauty class Bless

             Jelly Leng position in the company as manager. Her explained about the Bless Company, skin types, skin problems, how to clean your face up to how to wear make-up. I like her, because She was an energetic girl, sincere, sociable, integrity. 

Let's Start..

Starting from cleansing

Selly as model. LoL

My new friends. Nice to meet you dear^^

Team Bless is very caring to all participants. They teach the participants who do not understand how to use makeup. 

Dea and friends

We look pretty

Bless products. I bought night cream. 
Each participants get discount 20% all products

All Participants

Bless also provides lunch for all the participants

Goodie Bag:

- Beauty Guidebook
- makeup kit (sponge and brush)
- Sample: cleansing milk, tonic, facial cleanser
- Suncreen full size
- Katalog products

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  1. Waaaah ikutan event dipaleembang.. Aku ketinggalan banyak acara ya hiks3.. Senangnya.. Gmn tau ada event chay?

    1. aku tau event ini dari Mutiara, Dine..
      kamu juga palembang ya??

  2. :'( nyesel ikutan wardah, mending join sama kmu aja be...

    1. Aku udah liat post kamu. Ih, jorok banget yg wardah >.<


  3. baru denger merk bless >_<
    asiknyaa ada workshop di palembang ahahah :D

    1. Iya cel..tapi ini bukan workshop biasa. Kita kayak private gitu belajar make-up. Soalnya cici pernah ikutan yg E7ude, Beausty classnya ga se-OKE Bless. Tim Bless bener-bener kelilingin meja peserta dan kl ada yg ga ngerti diajarin cara pakenya. Baiiik banget!


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